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Perfecting the Aesthetics, Attaining the golden ratio!

Phi Aesthetics, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery clinic in Pune, incidentally one of my patients asked me why Phi? He said he wondered what phi really means. So The number phi, often known as the golden ratio, is a mathematical concept that people have known about since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is an irrational number like pie and, meaning that its terms go on forever after the decimal point without repeating. Over the centuries, a great deal of lore has built up around phi, such as the idea that it represents perfect beauty or is uniquely found throughout nature.
Perhaps beauty in itself has no certain definition and is merely a perception of belief brought on to the people through various social media that created a standard for facial proportions, which provided a sense of social acceptance among ordinary people. The beauty of a person’s face is determined by the harmony of proportions, symmetry and asymmetry. Variation of beauty indeed lies in asymmetry. Ideal proportions are directly related to the so-called divine proportions and the most important value in relation to these proportions is 1:1.618. View More

Phi Aesthetics by Dr. Ankita Agarwal, Best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Pune.

"Perfecting the Aesthetics, Attaining the golden ratio! "

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Phi Aesthetics Clinic is situated at Pune Camp. It’s one of the prime, upscale locations of Pune. It’s accessibility in terms of transport and stay serves it as a very convenient centre to address your cosmetic needs in the most comfortable way. The clinic’s location is only 10kms away from the airport as well is situated in close proximity to the best stays this city has to offer.

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Each of our specialists is backed with extensive training and professional experience from across the world. The latest advances in the technology have been bought under one roof to cater to the patient’s needs to provide them with top quality products and services with global expertise. Our Surgeons have been trained and they keep in touch with the latest trends in cosmetic surgeries by attending various international conferences and programmes.