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Best Doctor for Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Pune

Best Doctor for Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Pune

Microneedling for Skin Pigmentation

DuringĀ  microneedling , your healthcare provider pokes your skin with thin needles. The tiny punctures stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin fibers to create firmer skin. Most people require between three and six treatments to see results. Some people see full, complete results within four to six months. But it may take longer. Side effects may include irritation, discoloration, swelling and flaky skin.

Chemical Peel for Skin Pigmentation

Inno Exfo Lightening Cream is also known as Inno Yellow Peel. It has Powerful synergistic action on moderate photo ageing and fine lines associated with mild epidermal pigmentations. It is a skin lightening peel with a powerful combination of 7 ingredients. It is a Vitamin A type peel for professional treatment. Inno Lightening cream has a gentle epidermic peeling effect and excellent rejuvenation effect by powerful anti-oxidation. Innoaesthetics Lightening Cream is manufactured with a state-of-the-art technology that achieves better penetration of the actives through the stratum corneum: Imitates the physical-chemical characteristics of the epidermis. Overcomes the skin resistance without damaging it. Delivers the ingredients into cells where they have the maximum therapeutic effect for skin recovery. Ensures product stability and protects from degradation There is visible peeling from day 2 up to day 7 after application of peel. Then, new skin appears which is lighter in colour & more youthful. It is also recommended for treating moderate photo ageing. pH of inno exfo lightening cream is 1.8 to 2.3

Laser Skin Resurfacing for Skin Pigmentation

Laser skin resurfacing is a type of surgery. Your healthcare provider directs short, concentrated, pulsating beams of light on your stretch marks. The laser removes layers of your skin very precisely, which stimulates the growth of new collagen fibers to create smoother skin. You should see an immediate difference after treatment. Your skin may continue to improve for up to a year, and the improvement may last for several years. Side effects may include the appearance of small white bumps on your skin (milia), swelling, dark areas of skin (hyperpigmentation) and light areas of skin (hypopigmentation).