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Best Hair Treatment Doctor in Pune

Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Best Hair Treatment Doctor in Pune

The top of the head is the most typical sign of significant hair loss in both men and women. Alopecia is distinguished in men by balding patches on the top of the head, and in women by widening of the part and receding hairline. Our personality, identity, and how we see ourselves are significantly influenced by our hair. Losing one's hair may be a sad event that frequently causes despair, social disengagement, and self-esteem loss. Modern hair restoration procedures are preferable to older ones that were intrusive and frequently did not produce the intended effects.

Hair Transplant Treatment

The FUE method is the one we employ when transplanting hair into the scalp. The donor site, is where the grafts are removed. These removed grafts are afterwards implanted on the bald patches. Nearly all of the patches may be covered and treated in a single session because of the donor site's large supply of hair. As a result, transplanting often produces excellent results. The transplanted hair can be cut or shaved and grows out normally like regular hair.

Mesotherapy is used to provide one cc of QR678 injections into the scalp at each treatment session, and each session lasts just around 30 minutes. Because QR678 directly affects the tissue layers rather than being absorbed by the circulation, it is a quick-acting hair rejuvenation therapy. The whole procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure without the need for anaesthesia. A total of 8 injections are required to complete the therapy, one every four weeks. Results may be seen right away in the sixth setting.