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Best Beard Transplant Treatment in Pune

Beard Transplant

Best Beard Transplant Treatment in Pune

Men who experience sporadic or patchy hair loss in their goatee, other beard areas, sideburns, or moustache typically undergo a facial hair transplant operation. Hair loss may run in families or be brought on by burns, burn scars, or other incidents. Maintaining a thick beard or moustache is a sign of manliness and power for some men, while it is a requirement for others according to their faith. Moreover, many young guys use it as a fashion statement.

Beard Transplant Treatment

The FUE method is the same one we employ when transplanting hair into the scalp. The donor site, which is the rear of the scalp, is where the grafts are removed. These removed grafts are afterwards implanted on the bald patches of the beard or moustache. Nearly all of the patches may be covered and treated in a single session because of the donor site's large supply of hair. As a result, beard or moustache transplanting often produces excellent results. The transplanted hair can be cut or shaved and grows out normally like regular facial hair.